Xander Dawson

Fitness & Running

After the Syracuse Half Marathon

One of my passions outside of music is running. I love getting into a rhythm while exercising. I like to run roads and trails, but have a slight preference for running roads. One of my most recent running accomplishments was running a marathon. The whole experience was very rewarding. The great thing about running is that the community is so much fun to be a part of. Everyone is always so supportive. One of my long term running goals is to race an ultra marathon.

I am also a sales associate at Finger Lakes Running Company. At the shop, I help to fit customers for shoes, and help answer any running-related questions that they might have. I really enjoyed getting to meet runners from all over and helping them along their running journey.


Oliver! (2014)

I love acting. The first show that I acted in was a musical titled Joust! Once I started the show, I realized how much I liked to act. I kept performing in musicals and plays and had a great time with it! In 2014, I was cast in my first non-school role, Oliver in Encore Players Community Theatre's production of Oliver!.

I also enjoy participating in shows in other ways. In Summer 2019, I played in the pit orchestra for Encore Players' Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. It was then that I realized how fun it was to be a musician in a musical! Since then, I have been able to act and play in multiple shows. I can’t wait to play and act in more musicals and plays.

My Acting Résumé

Center, as Fester Addams, 2019
Center, as Fester Addams, 2019


My first day of school, a long time ago!

I am a senior at Charles O. Dickerson High School. I am especially fond of all the music courses that our school offers. I took AP Music Theory during my junior year, and loved the course. One of my favorite things from that course was analyzing Bach chorales and performing harmonic dictations. I am also a member of our school concert band, jazz band, mixed choir, and vocal jazz ensemble.

I am also a candidate for the New York State Seal of Biliteracy through my school’s foreign language department.